Welcome to OPSEC Risk Management Services:
Physical Security Division

Every year businesses suffer significant economic loss from a variety of threats including terrorism, criminals, disgruntled employees, theft or loss of information and environmental hazards. Many organizations do not realize their level of vulnerability until an unfortunate incident occurs; and often they have a limited ability to assess their risk level, or possess the internal capability to implement the processes for protecting against such threats.

OPSEC staff have extensive security experience with Government and Corporate agencies; helping to protect some of the most critical facilities and information resources in Canada. Let us provide you with the same level of service; our expertise assists you in managing your risk and reducing the negative impacts to your business in a cost-effective manner.

We offer our clients the highest levels of security expertise and with our proven approach we can offer you security management and electronic evidence solutions that are innovative, responsive, cost sensitive and timely to meet your requirements. When choosing to manage your company's risk, be pro-active, choose OPSEC.