Experience: Physical Security Division

OPSEC's experience and expertise empowers our clients with the information they need to protect and consequently minimize the risk to their assets, interests and personnel. Our extensive experience on projects conforming to demanding standards, within the nuclear industry and at other high risk environments, has enabled us to develop a high level of quality control, which is integral to OPSEC operations and philosophy.

OPSEC staff have years of real world, corporate level, experience; experience working for, or sub-contracting with, Ontario Hydro, Ontario Power Generation, Utility Security Inc, and a variety of other security interests, to establish their impressive record of conducting systematic, logical and comprehensive security assessments of critical infrastructure in Canada. Our experience includes:

  • Established Design Basis Threat (DBT) standards for nuclear facilities and materials in Canada.
  • Completed a Consolidated Risk Assessment; and Intelligence Assessment for Canadian nuclear facilities.
  • Created Threat and Risk standards for federal government and private organizations.
  • Developed standards and testing procedures for explosive, x-ray and metal detection equipment to be employed in Canadian nuclear facilities.
  • Completed comprehensive physical security risk assessment of nuclear, power generation, electrical grid, water supply and corporate campus facilities.
  • Provided technical support e.g. design, preparation of technical specifications, procurement assistance, monitoring construction, commissioning, etc., for the implementation of a networked access control, alarm monitoring and assessment system at critical infrastructure and municipal facilities.
  • Completed a comprehensive security design for a large municipality's new regional headquarters facility.
  • Conducted extensive threat and risk assessments in high risk public housing facilities in response to gun violence.
  • Assisted with design, implementation and commissioning of a city-wide security strategy to reduce crime in high risk neighbourhoods.
  • Application of CPTED strategies and solutions in public housing, corporate campuses, community schools, multi-use urban recreation facilities, and the waterfront trail system.
  • Developed and delivered thousands of hours of training and awareness sessions.