CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design):
Physical Security Division

CPTED (pronounced "sep-ted") is a pro-active crime prevention strategy utilized by planners, architects, police services, security professionals and everyday users of space. The basic concept of CPTED is that the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime and improve the quality of life.

OSPEC staff have been long time practitioners of advanced level CPTED strategies and have employed them across a wide range of commercial, industrial and public space facilities, including office complexes, factory campuses, public parks, schools and parking structures. Our emphasis is placed on the physical environment, productive use of space, and behavior of people to create environments that are absent of environmental cues that cause opportunities for crime to occur. We offer our clients the following services:

Site Assessment

OSPEC applies the principles and strategies of CPTED during comprehensive site assessments and security effectiveness audits, which focus on the design and designation of space in relation to four basic principles:

  • Natural Access Control - Deters access to a target and creates an increased perception of risk to the offender.
  • Natural Surveillance - Increases the potential for witnesses and observation through the placement of physical features and activities.
  • Territorial Reinforcement - Defines clear borders of controlled space from public to semi-private to private, so that users of an area develop a sense of ownership over it.
  • Maintenance - Ensures the continued use of a space for its intended purpose.

This offers the client an innovative approach to crime prevention and the opportunity to employ simple, cost-effective solutions for natural access control, surveillance and territorial reinforcement.

Design and Review

  • CPTED application design, from conceptual to detailed design and design changes or upgrades.
  • Review of architectural design and site development proposals to assist with the identification and inclusion of CPTED design elements.
  • Evaluation and implementation of CPTED design principles to complement existing security measures.


In addition to our use of CPTED techniques, our staff were involved in the founding of CPTED Ontario and continue to provide CPTED education to other security professionals.

If you require introductory or CPTED awareness training, we can tailor a solution for you.