Critical Infrastructure: Physical Security Division

OPSEC staff have extensive security experience with Governmental and Corporate agencies; helping to protect some of the most critical facilities and resources in Canada. A significant part of our success is built on our ever-increasing network of independent security and safety consultants and our ability to team with highly competent security experts. OPSEC is an approved supplier to the Federal Government and staff members hold Secret level clearances.

OPSEC continues to provide our clients in the critical infrastructure industries with the following services:

Nuclear Security

OPSEC personnel have provided regular security support to the Canadian nuclear industry, consulting at a senior staff level with the CNSC and individual nuclear licensees. We offer:

  • Risk management analysis and supporting services.
  • Regulatory liaison and licensee document preparation.
  • Physical protection element evaluation and countermeasure selection support.
  • Pre-audit assessment and evaluation of regulatory compliance.
  • Development of regulatory Standards and Guidelines.
  • Development of security licensee Policy, Standards, and Guidelines.

Public Utilities

Since 2000, OPSEC staff have operated at over 300 water and waste water facilities in Canada, providing such high level services as:

  • Threat, risk and vulnerability analysis of all facility types.
  • Regulatory liaison and licensee document preparation.
  • Security system design and evaluation.
  • Physical protection element evaluation and countermeasure selection support.
  • Pre and post commissioning testing of security countermeasures.
  • Development of regulatory Standards and Guidelines.


OPSEC's unique qualifications and experience in managing security issues at nuclear and critical infrastructure facilities provides the transportation industry with an unbiased resource for the implementation of counter-terrorism level security, within a community environment. OPSEC has the ability to conduct or augment your security planning and audits with:

  • Current knowledge of, and experience applying, terrorist threat data to multifaceted urban security issues.
  • Ability to capitalize on security techniques, applications and products used in similar risk facilities.
  • Apply significant vulnerability analysis expertise to a multi-layered protective strategy, necessary in a public transport environment.
  • Experience with the implementation of CPTED principles and other low-impact security options.

Public Housing

OPSEC staff have applied their unique security skills on multi-million dollar security projects for the highest risk facilities within the largest public housing corporations in Canada. We offer:

  • Threat and risk assessments within high crime neighborhoods and buildings.
  • Vulnerability and effectiveness analysis of existing security programs and equipment.
  • Recommending security strategies consistent with community values and objectives.
  • Security system design, selection process, tender preparation and evaluation.
  • Implementation support and post installation commissioning.
  • Development of Security Policy, Standards and Guidelines.