Network Security: Information Security Division

OPSEC specializes in risk and security management; we have been formally trained by law enforcement, government agencies and world leading security organizations to reduce your risk. We offer full technical support capabilities to support your organization and provide you with the following information security management solutions:

Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Threat and risk assessments for organizations that need to protect intellectual property, personal information or other high value corporate assets.
  • Vulnerability assessment of security program performance against regulatory and industry best practices, to identify vulnerabilities and to recommend adequate and appropriate security countermeasures.
  • Open Source Intelligence collection and analysis to support threat evaluations and competitive analysis.
  • Evaluation of information security program against industry standards and best industry practices, such as CIS, COBIT, NSA and Canadian GSP.
  • Technical evaluation of Networks, Network Access Control (NAC) devices, servers and hosts.

Security Management, Training and Support

  • Act as your corporate security resource to assist your management team with risk mitigation and response actions.
  • Local configuration and Remote management of your security, firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus and content control software.
  • Incident Response to intrusions, system failures and other harmful data loss events.
  • Development of policies and procedures defining security programs.
  • Development of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Performance standards for security countermeasures.
  • Preparation and delivery of initial and refresher security training courses for security personnel and other employees.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

  • Conduct of technical penetration tests to determine the effectiveness of security systems and policy compliance activities.
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments to determine the effectiveness of system and network security measures; and evaluate policy compliance activities.
  • Provide structured vulnerability and recommendation reports to support cost-effective management decisions.

Open Source Analysis

In addition to penetration testing, our examiners are trained to collect open sources of intelligence and to operate at the leading edge of analysis for activity committed on the Internet. Our expertise includes:

  • Competitive Intelligence Gathering
  • Intelligence Exposure Risk Analysis
  • Threat Spectrum Evaluation