Experience: Information Security Division

OPSEC's experience and expertise empowers our clients with the information they need to protect and consequently minimize the risk to their assets, interests and personnel. Our extensive experience on projects conforming to demanding standards, within the nuclear industry and at other high risk environments, has enabled us to develop a high degree of quality and professionalism, which is integral to OPSEC operations and philosophy.

OPSEC staff have years of real world, corporate level, experience; and have contracted with a variety of interests to establish their impressive record of network security and computer forensic experience in Canada, including:

  • Developed the unique ForEDis® E-Discovery processes, to promote focused, proportional and timely recovery; and use of probative digital evidence while protecting privilege, intellectual property and privacy.
  • Completed a consolidated information security threat and risk assessment at Canadian nuclear facilities.
  • Created threat and risk standards for federal government and private organizations.
  • Provided technical support e.g. design, preparation of technical specifications, procurement assistance, commissioning, etc., for the implementation of network security solutions at a number of mid-size medium risk facilities.
  • Prepared and implemented DRP/BCP strategy for a nationwide, call centre based, retailer.
  • Coordinated the design, development and implementation of remote network security and intrusion detection systems.
  • Constructed multi point open-source VPN with secure remote monitoring for a Canada-wide retail organization.
  • Implemented open source security solutions and failsafe infra-structure architecture for a multi-million dollar e-commerce retailer.
  • Implemented record and archival data conversion amalgamation of email systems between large corporate organizations.
  • Prepared and implemented server clustering within a large municipal network structure.
  • Developed complete educational programs in computer sciences and security for a highly rated Canadian University and College.
  • Conducted leading edge research in the electronic crime field; and were founding members of forensic organizations in Canada and the US.