Forensics: Information Security Division

Digital Forensics

Often the presence of digital evidence on suspect computers is overlooked; with a trained examiner, the word "deleted" never really means deleted. OPSEC uses leading edge technology to analyze suspect activity, locate evidence and recover hidden or deleted information. Many well-intentioned investigators may try and assist in an investigation that relates to computers, BUT they have not been properly trained in computer forensics and their analysis may be detrimental to your case.

Through the application of forensic methodology and tools we can often recover files, data, e-mail messages and almost any form of digital evidence, even after they were "deleted" by a user. Successful recoveries can be made on almost any media or operating system format, including computer hard drives; flash memory cards or sticks; CD/DVDs; cellular phones; BlackBerry; iPods; or PDA devices. The types of artifacts that computer forensics can search for and recover from these media include:

  • Documents, including MS Office files
  • Email and chat messages
  • Graphical images, music, audio and video files
  • Internet histories and Internet cached web pages (eg: Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • Encrypted, hidden or compressed files
  • Passwords protected files and folders
  • Disk partitions

OPSEC, Digital Forensics offers the services of Certified Computer Examiners, who have led the industry in certification development and forensic education. Our staff are experienced in the use of specialized forensic software and techniques to conduct analysis and technical investigations in large Corporate environments. We pride ourselves on our integrity, ability and attention to detail; we work closely with our clients to provide excellent service, solve their problems and foster continuing professional relationships.

Remote Forensic Services

OPSEC, Digital Forensics now offers our clients Remote Forensic services. This service extends the features of a locally conducted forensic preview or collection analysis, with the flexibility of an immediate response, regardless of your location, and without the time constraints imposed by travel distances or work environment. OPSEC Remote Forensic service provides you with these valuable enhancements to normal forensic methodologies:

  • After-hours access to data sources, minimal impacts
  • Flexibility to work across time zones and jurisdictions
  • Processing of multiple sites or locations
  • Processing of tele-commuter remote computers
  • Targeted collection of logical evidence
  • Pre-collection evaluation
  • Proportionality to determine requirements before costs

Password & Data Recovery

It is not uncommon for employees who have defrauded the company or are trying to hide their activities delete or password protect their files. Disgruntled employees also often delete, hide, password protect or try to destroy files prior to leaving. Even in cases without malice, accidentally deleting files is a common occurrence.

We can unlock passwords for most major applications, password protected files or groups of files quickly and inexpensively. In the case of deletion, we can quickly recover deleted files if they have not been overwritten or have been backed up by the application you are using.

Please, once a file has been accidentally, or otherwise deleted or removed, STOP using the computer and contact OPSEC or someone who can recover the data. The chances of recovering data are significantly improved if the computer is not accessed after the deletion occurs.

Internet Analysis

In addition to digital forensic analysis, our examiners are trained to collect open sources of intelligence and to operate at the leading edge of analysis for activity committed on the Internet. Our expertise includes:

  • Competitive Intelligence Gathering
  • Intelligence Exposure Risk Analysis
  • Internet Misuse Detection and Analysis
  • Internet Tracking And Identification
  • E-Mail Tracing And Identification
  • E-Mail Threat Risk Assessments
  • Intrusion Detection And Protection